About Us


The Indie Label is a music company which bridges the gap in the music industry between artists and the black hole before a major label signing. Combining our network of industry experts, some of the greatest top London venues, Recording studios and industry specialists, we are able to offer a platform for up and coming artists looking for their big break.

 Starting in the Home Counties where our newly refurbished Studio -V is situated, we began searching for original up and coming acts looking to take their career seriously. We have since grown into London within our second year of business and this is now our main focus area.

With the launch of our new Indie Label Presents nights,  which focuses on rewarding the bands for their efforts financially, we are now officially becoming one of the best London Promoters out there. We deal with our own internal booking system which means that we can offer a 99% return rate of our ticket sales to the artists. Not only that but we are also growing our network of London venues to work with us, growing a small to medium size London circuit to cater for bands looking to grow their fan base.

Combining this promotional network of live events with our Studio base, we are able to help Artists and Bands alike to build their Brand and their fan base. Everything from EP Launches, Music Videos or tours, we can help with it all.

There are of course other Indie labels that are out there at the moment, but what do they offer and what are there terms? Do you keep the stems? are you signing long agreements? Other Indie Labels may only offer signings to acts which have grown their fan base to a large market and done most of the hard work themselves. Other Independent record labels may only be interested in a certain genre of music.

We Specialise in young bands looking to expand who are starting at ground zero. You may have been on the road for 6 months or 2 years, whatever the case maybe, there comes a time where you need some assistance in making things happen because you start hitting brick walls. We offer that assistance, to overcome and guide you through tough times. Be prepared to work hard going through the transitions as there it can be a shock going from being a band that gets together once a month and playing to friends at the local to looking at your band as a music business.

If you want to turn your passion into a business and need a little help, then the Indie Label is here. We don’t charge our bands in live events and keep costs down to a minimum to accommodate even the most modest of budgets.

Starting from as little as £20ph for studio time to record drums and other instruments or £100 for those promo music videos, there really is no job too small. Have a look around the site and If there is something left that you still have not found an answer to, feel free to drop us a call and we will get straight back to you.

Why go to your friend of a friend that knows someone just to waste your money on a product no one in the industry will appreciate.  Call us now to get a price comparison and we guarantee that you wont be disappointed.

Office : 03330 112 545
or email enquires@theindielabel.co.uk