About Us


The Indie Label is a music company which bridges the gap in the music industry between artists and the black hole before a major label signing and or notoriety.  Combining our network of industry experts, some of the greatest top London venues, Recording studios and industry specialists, we have been able to offer a platform for up and coming artists looking for their big break, without them having to spend a penny of their own money. Exactly how it should be!

 Starting in the Home Counties area of the UK back in 2010 we embarked on our journey into the unknown, learning along the way , discovering some amazing art and sharing some everlasting memories.  Our mission was simple, to do what the major labels were not doing anymore, finding and investing in grass route musicians.

We began searching for original, ambitious, up and coming acts, looking to take their career seriously. Like we expected, there was little to no support for these guys in their early days and we also had a fair share of obstacles, disappointments and people wanting to screw us over. But we knew the road would be rough and we were prepared to go the long haul to discover, invest, coach and ultimately record a portfolio of content for the acts we felt most deserving.  We knew the industry was changing and so our focus was helping artists build a portfolio career in a DIY world.

We quickly grew into the London area and the Be Somebody Project was a huge success. We managed to route out over 250 independent artists, all in need of someone to care and help them along their journey. We soon realised that we wanted to help as many of the people we met as possible and adjusted our business model to accommodate some freebies to give away along the way to as many as we could afford to.

Unlike the major players, we didn’t have a million pound bank roll, but we believed in our vision, our passion and our ability to provide the artists with what they needed to further their career. After fulfilling a degree within music business & music production we were ready to put it all to the test.

Within our second year of business we were selling tickets to a packed out o2 academy where we showcased the bands that had made the biggest impressions. We then went on and signed our favourite to record an Album and ultimately work with for the foreseeable future.

Combining this promotional network of live events with our Studio base and industry professionals, we were able to help Artists and Bands alike to build their Brand and their fan base. Everything from EP Launches, Music Videos or tours.

As we continue to grow, now into Europe, we are building a European tour circuit and will be entering into tour management and paid live events, for the acts that have stood fast and who we believe in. 

 We help clear a way , in this forever changing industry, to help that little bit more towards your ultimate goals.

We Specialise in bands / solo artists, looking to take their career to the next level.   You may have been on the road for 6 months or 20 years, whatever the case maybe, there comes a time where you need some assistance in making things happen because you start hitting brick walls.. We offer that assistance, to overcome and guide you through tough times. Be prepared to work hard and open minded. From Dream to Reality for some, comes as a big shock. Its time to put on those working boots!

So thats it from us. Feel free to go and check out some of our featured (exclusive) music and from the main menu.

If you’ve just read our intro and think that we may be of service to you, want to turn your passion into a business and need a little help, then the Indie Label is here. Click on studio services above in the main menu for further details or just send us an email. We are happy to offer our input and can provide an array of products or services to suite your studio services/ portfolio needs. Whether it is fan development, or getting that top shelf sound , it really isn’t as haunting as it may feel right now. You’re not alone and there are many paths that you can choose to take, depending on your end goal.

Stay Free folks and don’t hesitate to give us a shout in you need it!

Office email : emiliostudios@yahoo.co.uk