Be Somebody Live

Be Somebody Live!

Be Somebody Live! is why we have started this company – to give the band a chance to earn some money from their original music.

Unsigned original music promoted at local level working with some of the best London venues.

From 50 to 500 capacity venues, we have developed a small to medium size London circuit for unsigned up-and-coming bands to earn themselves some money playing their own songs.

Search for your band in the top right search icon to find their next gig with us.

Bringing unsigned bands in-line with the industry and building on their fan base, they will have the opportunity to promote and sell their gigs through their fan pages, at local level with the venue and through our marketing channels. Selling tickets just like the big boys. However, unlike other promoters the Indie Label lets you keep the ticket money. Sound inspired? Get in touch for more details or come along to one of our showcases!


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