Featured Artists

Along our journey with our AnR team, we found many great artists on the road grinding to their success. Her are a some that we have met along the way, courtesy of the Be Somebody project. a project which routed out what we felt were the best that we could find in and around the UK. Working with and helping “Grass Route” bands and solo artists alike as they continue to build on their portfolios and music careers, we put together some great content for these amazing people (free of charge) for people like you and i to discover and enjoy.

If you’re an aspiring AnR or just someone who likes to enjoy new music, then feel free to browse around and offer your support where you can. The artists are in no way affiliated with us, we simply loved what we found and tried to do our bit to give them the opportunity to grow to a wider audience. Any song purchases on this site go directly to the artists involved and any songwriters are credited accordingly and in-line with PRS for Music.

Thank you for your time, we hope that you find some new art from new artists.

Building from the routes up.