Studio Services

We are now in our third hand built studio, based on the east coast of Italy, where we focus on mixing and mastering in the most relaxing of environments. We  facilitate sound sample requirements , whether its foley, vocal, synthesis, instrumentation samples , we have a wide sound bank and customised recording options available.

We have provided recording facilities for a whole range of products, from band EP’s, promo videos, sound for film (foley), recording samples, composition , custom tracks. We now have a brand new mastering suite and mastering services available.  Send us a message to find out more. you can find our youtube channel here. Please subscribe and hit the bell so you can be the first to gain access to the newest music.

Room One – Mix and Master Suite

Our Newly built mastering suite has been hand crafted to ensure the most balanced relevant products can be born. We use cutting edge technology mixed with good old fashioned quality ear to provide you with a crisp modern sound that will have you standing out from the rest.

Our Mixing room comes Jam-Packed with everything you need to get that top shelf sound.

  • 24 Pre Amped Inputs, 4 x Fold Backs
  • 11 Liquid Emulated Vintage Pre Amps 
  • Komplete 10 for all of your software instrument sounds!
  • Addictive Drums for the best midi drums out there!
  • Allen and Heath Qu-16 Digital mixing console
  • Focusrite Liquid Saffire Audio Interface
  • Eve SC307 Twin Monitors
  • HD660’s Senny Cans
  • Kemper Profiler

Coaching / Development packages

As Part of our services, we also coach artists of all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced.


  • Vocals– pop, rock, Hip hop
  • Guitar- grade 4-8
  • Guitar for beginners grade 1-3
  • Piano grades 1-8

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Development coaching:

  • performance coaching
  • technique
  • stage confidence
  • Portfolio Development
  • Management advisory
  • Industry knowledge base assistance
  • Recording
  • Marketing
  • Portfolio

All our coaches and staff are qualified and insured with a proven track record.

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