Undecided Prophecy

Winners of the 2016 Be Somebody Competition Undecided Prophecy

In true Rock and Roll Spirit, these guys came into the studio like a whirlwind! We worked them hard and helped bring them up to scratch with where they needed to be. Unfortunately ,  it all became a little too much of a commitment for some of the guys who unfortunately had to fund their music career with real jobs that just became too much of a strain.

We decided to keep going with their music and credit them with some of the revenue created from your support.  They worked with us at Studio V, recording their Debut Album. we also built them a website courtesy of our friends over at BLS computer Solutions LTD. We also gave them two rock and roll photo shoots and made them some merch!

Check out their track and give them a little support if you like it.

Undecided Prophecy- Ditch

We will also have some merch from their launch up real soon!

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